Suggest some attractive places to eat in Ho Tram during the holidays of April 30 and May 1

If you are planning to have a holiday on April 30, May 1 in Ho Tram but do not know “what to eat, what to play”, the following article will suggest you a hot place during this time.

Only away from City. 2 hours from Ho Chi Minh City, free of traffic jams and dust, Ho Tram is a great destination for those who want to find peace in the midst of nature. On the upcoming long holiday, Ho Tram is considered a coastal entertainment and entertainment center for people to easily experience interesting activities that no other place can.

Hamptons Plaza Night Market

To start the journey to discover Ho Tram, you cannot ignore the Hamptons night market that opened on this occasion. Ho Tram at night is the right time to explore the shimmering beauty of the coastal city, have fun, relax and enjoy delicious food, experience interesting things.

The highlight is the stalls selling a variety of delicious and attractive dishes. The most special can be mentioned fresh seafood dishes such as squid, shrimp, grilled fish, … as well as grilled dishes with skewers. In addition, the night market also offers snacks such as ice cream, tea, street foods to bring diverse colors to diners.

The Hamptons Night Market entertains visitors with vibrant music performances and exciting entertainment activities that are sure to be an event not to be missed.

Outdoor space with a capacity of up to 1,000 guests, Hamptons night market also connects directly to Asia’s longest sea-view bridge – Hamptons Pier becomes a place to both enjoy food and enjoy happy moments with family and associations, friend.

Hamptons Pier Sea View Bridge

Possessing a new tourist icon of Ho Tram, Hamptons Pier Sea View Bridge is a tourist attraction. The scene here at dawn or dusk becomes enchanting, attracting those who love to take pictures. The decorative motifs on the bridge are designed to bring the breath of the sea with its own characteristics. Standing on the bridge, visitors can see the majestic scenery of Ho Tram beach. A peaceful but impressive picture that is not available everywhere.

Experience more in the Hamptons

In addition to the night market, tourists also have many options to explore Hamptons Plaza with a variety of restaurants and shopping stores. Visitors here can choose small souvenirs to bring back as gifts for their relatives and friends.

If you are a foodie, don’t miss Hamptons Seafood & Grill – the number 1 fresh seafood restaurant in Ho Tram. This is a place for you to enjoy fresh and delicious dishes full of sea flavors such as: crabs, crabs, lobsters, oysters, snails, etc., promising to bring you memorable culinary experiences. Besides, you can also discover wonderful Hong Kong hot pot cuisine at Song Restaurant with a variety of fresh and delicious hot pot sauces, with many dipping dishes for you to choose from.

Not stopping there, Hamptons Plaza Ho Tram also has many interesting entertainment activities. With a play area for children with absolute safety standards suitable for all ages and many outstanding shopping stalls such as Runam, Miniso, Baskin Robbins.

Activities on Ho Tram Beach

Ho Tram Beach is an ideal destination for exciting activities on the upcoming 30/4 holiday. Families and groups of friends can have fun and explore the beach with activities like windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking or jet skiing. Experiencing the feeling of sublimation when splashing on the waves, relaxing while playing with the small waves or discovering new lands on the coast, these will surely be memorable moments for everyone at the beach. Hamptons Plaza.

Melia Ho Tram – Luxury resort

The sea-view bridge and Hamptons Plaza are just a 5-minute walk from Melia Ho Tram along the coast with fine white sand. Guests staying at the resort also have access to free tram access to the sea view bridge and Hamptons Plaza.

During this festival, Ho Tram will surely become an attractive destination with interesting experiences. Therefore, let’s enjoy these memorable moments with Hamptons Plaza Ho Tram with your loved ones and friends right away./.


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