The live show ‘My Soul 1981’ took place successfully with more than 5,000 spectators at Hamptons Plaza Ho Tram

My Soul 1981 - Hamptons Plaza Ho Tram

On the evening of May 11, at Hamptons Plaza Ho Tram beach (Ba Ria – Vung Tau), singer My Tam’s live show ‘My Soul 1981’ took place successfully with more than 5,000 spectators. The music night brought a memorable experience with ‘super slay, super chill’ music and a stage with a series of hit songs and satisfying surprises.

Spectacular stage My Soul 1981 - Hamptons Plaza Ho Tram
Spectacular stage My Soul 1981 – Hamptons Plaza Ho Tram

During more than 25 years of singing activities, the name My Tam has never “cooled down”. Since releasing countless albums, MVs, and songs and organizing dozens of major live shows, My Tam has always been warmly received by the audience, causing a “fever” in the market and becoming the most notable event in Vietnamese showbiz life. The My Soul 1981 music night in Ho Tram is the latest proof of the enduring and special appeal of My Tam.

With the concept of sea and moonlight, My Soul 1981 takes place at one of the most beautiful beaches in Ho Tram (Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province). Right from the early morning, just at 2-3 pm, audiences from all over (from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, provinces and abroad), crowded the area in front of where the live show was held. This time, My Tam wants the show to start at 6:00 pm. (lasting until more than 10:00 pm.) so that the audience can see the blue sea and white sand from sunset to moonrise, with a stage set up. In front of the beach, right next to the longest sea view bridge in Vietnam at Hamptons Plaza Ho Tram venue. The stage of My Soul 1981 is also cleverly designed with many romantic moon-star details and LED lighting effects…, helping to convey the music to the fullest extent to viewers.

Singer My Tam at My Soul 1981 - Hamptons Plaza Ho Tram
Singer My Tam at My Soul 1981 – Hamptons Plaza Ho Tram

The highlight of this program is that the songs are mixed in a style that according to My Tam will help the audience feel comfortable and “slay” when listening to music in a very “chill” space. For more than 4 hours, My Tam performed nearly 40 songs.

My Tam’s 25 old hits have been remixed by the band Hoai Sa in the Bossa nova music style – meaning “new trend”, a genre of a lyrical combination of traditional Brazilian music with melodies soft, flexible samba and American jazz… Many old songs that sound like new, helping the audience immerse themselves in the music such as “Hat voi dong song”, “Uoc gi”, Goi tinh yeu cua em”, “Vi em tat ca”, Hen uoc tu hu vo” ….

In the show, a song with “super-healing” lyrics and melodies composed by My Tam called “Cu Vui len” was performed by her with a fan who had a terminal illness, with the hope of motivating the audience. This author and many others have a spirit of “fighting hard” against difficulties in life. It can be said that My Soul 1981 brought the audience an unforgettable night filled with countless emotions, music and warm healing stories…

The live show ended with a medley of “Anh Chua Biet Dau, Hao quang” and a stunning fireworks display at sea; But more than 5,000 spectators were present here. After more than 4 hours of watching, they still did not want to leave. They kept chanting My Tam’s name and “demanding” the female singer continue singing. My Tam continuously bowed with touching eyes and smiles, expressing her gratitude to the special “friends” in her musical path…

Source: Thanh Nien newspaper


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