Ho Tram Beach was full of people watching the My Tam live show

My Soul 1981 - Hamptons Plaza Ho Tram

On the evening of May 11, singer My Tam’s live show My Soul 1981 took place extremely successfully at Hamptons Plaza Ho Tram beach (Xyen Moc district).

Fans arrived very early to take photos with the poster of singer My Tam.
Fans arrived very early to take photos with the poster of singer My Tam.

From 3:30 p.m., live warm-up activities begin with check-in, taking photos with My Tam posters, and a tea break. My Tam and her family and crew interacted and took photos with fans.

With 5,000 tickets issued, from 5:00 p.m., a line of fans lined up to enter the stage area. With the concept of sea and moonlight, My Soul 1981 takes place at one of the most beautiful beaches in Ho Tram so that the audience can see the blue sea and white sand, the sea view bridge from sunset until the new moon rises.

Several singers, musicians, and celebrities also appeared to attend My Tam’s live show such as Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha, Mai Tai Phen…

At around 6:00 p.m., My Tam appeared to perform the song “The story has not yet begun” to open the live show. Next, My Tam and the crew continuously took the audience through many levels of emotions with the sublimation of music.

From hits on the market such as: “Hen uoc tu hu vo”, “Sau loi khuoc ty”… to songs familiar to the 7X and 8X generations remixed in different styles such as “Hat cung dong song”, “Uoc gi”.

The enchanting piano sound of musician Hoai Sa and the band, Cadillac group… made the music night even more uplifting.

Many foreign music songs with Vietnamese lyrics were also included in the live show such as “Tinh nhat phai”, “Trieu doa hong”, “Tinh em con mai”. Notably, the appearance of Jimmii Nguyen singing a duet with My Tam in the songs “Tinh Xua Nghia Cu”, “Tinh Nhu La bay Xa””, and “Hoa bang lang” pushed the audience’s emotions to a climax. .

My Tam sang a duet with guest singer Jimmii Nguyen.

Interspersed with the performance, My Tam narrated, interacted, and shared with the audience about her desire to do a show to watch the sunset by Ho Tram beach, which has now come true, childhood memories rushing back when she sang in front of the ocean. , thank the fans for their love… Especially, the exchange, singing with a terminally ill fan, and the song “Cu vui len” composed by My Tam herself, a message to her beloved fans. and convey to the entire audience the spirit of optimism, the joy of living, and fighting hard against the difficulties in life.

Khán đài 5.000 người chật kín bên biển Hồ Tràm.The grandstand of 5,000 people was packed on Ho Tram beach.

During the music night, there were some minor incidents such as showers near the end of the show, the singing was sometimes low compared to the background music… but it didn’t much affect the fans’ emotions. The audience was still enthusiastic more than 22 hours after the 33 songs were performed.

Source: Ba Ria – Vung Tau Newspaper


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