My Tam plays the flute and dances at the live show My Soul 1981 – Ho Tram

Singer My Tam excited more than 5,000 spectators when showing off her flute playing and dancing skills, refreshing a series of hits in the live show “My Soul 1981”.

On the evening of May 11, the singer performed a music show in a romantic space at Hamptons Plaza Ho Tram beach (Ba Ria – Vung Tau). For four hours, singer dominated the stage with his energy and enthusiasm.

The singer brings viewers back to the image of his early career in the 2000s such as “Hat voi dong song”, “Uoc gi”, “Tinh em con mai”. Thousands of spectators continuously held up flashlights and sang along to each song associated with the singer’s name. My Tam talks about old songs, but she puts on a “new shirt” with modern arrangements. In nearly four hours, she performed about 30 songs, becoming more and more sublimated as time went on. Near the end of the show, the singer stirred up the stage with a series of songs: Dau chi rieng em, Nguoi hay quen em di, Anh chua biet dau.

Mỹ Tâm hát "Nhớ" do chính cô sáng tác.

My Tam said she always wants to bring special things to the audience in each show. Therefore, she and musician Hoai Sa and her team discussed creating compositions with the colors of a festival at sea such as bossa nova, chachacha or rumba. Unlike the first season, My Soul 1981 features more vibrant performances, incorporating dance, instead of just being limited to ballads. The highlight of the program lies in the bamboo flute performance by the live show owner himself in the performance “Nho” (My Tam) and the dance with dancer Minh Hien in the song “Tinh yeu chua noi” (My Tam).

The singer continuously transformed her image during the live show with about 12 outfits and many quick changes on stage. At the age of 43, she maintains good physical strength and dances in most of the live show’s performances. She takes on the role of leading the program well with a friendly and humorous style. The artist continuously teased fans by singing a “bait” part of the song and asking them the name of the song, then performing another song.


In the song Trieu doa hong, Sau loi khuoc tu the singing part is small compared to the background music. The singer treated the fans to sing again to the piano accompaniment of musician Hoai Sa. At the end of the live show, she also went to each row of audience seats, inviting them to sing along. My Tam came next to a fan with a terminal illness. She performed her self-written song “Cu vui len” for this person, hoping to inspire the spirit to fight hard against the difficulties in life.

After singing with the only guest – Jimmii Nguyen, My Tam said that when she started her career, she only had one fan in Saigon, helping her establish a fan club. Now, her audience number is up to millions of people, which is not easy to achieve. “I was lucky to be born into this life. I started from zero, then got to where I am today thanks to heaven, earth and the audience,” the singer said.

Tiết mục "Sau lời từ khước" (Phan Mạnh Quỳnh) - Mỹ Tâm

In the stands, audiences 8x and 9x continuously sang along and cheered the singer. Some fans even printed her picture on a large cloth running around the stage. During the music night, My Tam repeatedly expressed her gratitude to her admirers. The singer said that there are audiences in many different provinces and cities, even in foreign countries like Switzerland and Australia, who still try to come to Ho Tram to listen to her sing. My Tam pointed down to the stands, where a Canadian audience was sitting, wearing a shirt with the words: “A big fan from Canada”.

“When singers stand on stage and look down, they just need to see their audience singing and swaying to the music and they are extremely happy,” My Tam was moved.

Actors Mai Tai Phen, Gia Bao, singers Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha, musician Nguyen Nhat Huy and the singer’s father came to support the show. She thanked her close colleagues and relatives who were always by her side and supported her.

The original Da Nang singer is the director of the music night. She and her crew took careful care of the music and lighting. The singer set up an outdoor stage in the shape of a fan so the audience could see her even from afar. At the end of the show, My Tam also excited viewers with a two-minute fireworks display.


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