New travel experiences not to be missed at Ho Tram

Highly rated for its potential to increase real estate value, both for business and as a world-class entertainment destination, Hamptons Plaza becomes a hot spot on tourist maps with unforgettable experiences at Ho Tram.

Sights and attractions in Ho Tram

Admire the Hamptons Pier Ho Tram

At the beginning of September 2022, Ho Tram became the focus with the inauguration of the 300m long pier and can accommodate up to 3,000 people. Hamptons Pier Ho Tram directly connects Hamptons Plaza – Commercial Street – International 5-star service. Both of these buildings are invested by Tanzanite International Real Estate Development Group and are completely free to enter. This place is currently a tourist destination attracting a large number of domestic and international tourists and has become an attractive event and conference center in the South of Vietnam.

Hamptons Pier leads visitors to a beautiful beach and the perfect place for visitors to enjoy the glorious moments of sunrise, beginning of the new day or sunset gradually falling from the longest pier in Southeast Asia. Surely this will be the ideal place to check-in for travelers and photography lovers.

In particular, the pier combined with Hamptons Plaza Commercial – Service Street- a diverse entertainment center thanks to entertaining activities, shopping, dining, relaxation and discovery, promising to bring an extremely interesting experience for anyone who comes here.

Hamptons Pier in Ho Tram

“One Destination – All Needs”

Hamptons Plaza was built to become the first international standard beachfront entertainment center in Vietnam. After more than 3 months of officially opening to welcome guests, every month about 200,000 visitors come to visit, have fun and enjoy the services here. It is expected that the number of visitors to Hamptons Plaza will reach 3-5 million after 2-3 years of operation. In a short time, Hamptons Plaza has converged sea restaurants, seafood restaurants, beer and grill restaurants, street food, Ipa – Nima, Miniso, Xing Fu Tang, Ru Nam, Café De Paris; amusement park for children; the fountain combines light shows and music shows,…

In particular, Hamptons Plaza is becoming a place to attract year-end festival events such as Year-End Party, Team Building, Wedding Ceremony, etc. thanks to the variety of outdoor event areas, swimming pools, central square for the festival, conference rooms for personal and corporate events. The class and facilities have made Hamptons Plaza a destination not to be missed by tourists when visiting Ho Tram.

Attractions at Hamptons Plaza Ho Tram

Attract investment through commitment to profitability

With the investment in accommodation and diversification of entertainment services, the developing night economy model, Ho Tram today becomes a prominent destination on the domestic and international tourist map, the capital of Vietnam luxury resorts.

In just a short time, the coastal road of Ho Tram has had many impressive changes, focusing on a series of high-class real estate projects, creating many impressive works such as the sea-view bridge, Hamptons Plaza commercial and service street. This contributes to a new opportunity for investors when coming to Ho Tram. With the ownership of beach shophouses at Hamptons Plaza, the investment value increases each year thanks to the potential profit rate of up to 20%/year and the revenue from rental stores.

It is known that the last 24 beach shophouses are being sold by the investor of Hamptons Plaza. All shophouses at Hamptons Plaza are 100% complete, customers only need to pay 30% to receive and put them into operation immediately. In particular, the investor currently has a policy of committing to an income of up to 18% and a preferential price of up to 17%, the total incentive is 35% for customers who buy early in this period.

Source: Thanh Nien


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