Ba Ria inaugurated the longest Pier in Asia

Hamptons Pier belongs to Ho Tram tourist area, with a total length of more than 270 meters, of which the main bridge is 237.5m long. The bridge deck is 10 meters wide, with 6 points expanding to 15m to arrange rest huts, the last section is 20 x 20 meters wide. The project has a total cost of 52 billion VND.

The bridge to see the sea from above in the afternoon

An important factor contributing to the success of the pier is that it is directly connected to the Hamptons Plaza service trade street with more than 60 shops, restaurants and entertainment for all ages from children to adults. This Hamptons Plaza service trade area will bring many fun and entertaining activities to attract domestic and international tourists, it will also create more than 1000 job opportunities for local people, contributing to the growth of the population and the regional economy.

Tourists visit the longest pier in Southeast Asia

The bridge reaches out to the sea with a length of 300m

Located in the heart of Ho Tram – one of the new and most dynamic tourism capitals in the South region, the complex space of the pier is designed, built and managed based on the 5-star international standard. It promises to become a leading attraction in Vietnam as well as in the region and internationally. The space is expected to be a stage in the future with a series of entertainment, art, food, culture, music programs that will bring an energetic, youthful and attractive impression to tourists.



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